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Want To Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer, Cypress?

Recently, a Cypress, Texas man was befuddled by the fact that all his neighbors renting out identical town homes were able to keep their upper floors cool. When he asked his air conditioning system technician why he was still suffering from the heat, the technician told him, “That’s just how it is with air conditioners,” and recommended a brand new $5,000 to $7,000 system. Here are Air Depot, we don’t feel a one-size-fits-all approach works for HVAC.

When the man phoned us, we were happy to offer a second opinion. After an hour of working on the system, we found that a missing screw had caused a damper to block airflow to the third floor. In the end, it only cost the customer a few hundred dollars, rather than several thousand.

How To Get Comfort & Energy Efficiency For Less

Homeowners always tell us they are looking for two things — “year-round comfort” and “energy efficiency.” We can give them both — often under what they had budgeted. How, you ask? Well, when a highly trained technician does a thorough inspection, he often turns up cost-effective solutions. For example, “hot and cold spots” in your home may be caused by a cable installer who accidentally crawled over (and crushed) a patch of duct work or knocked a joint loose, sending air into the attic rather than the main living area. Rather than buying a new system for $5,000, the customer then pays as low as $100 to seal the displaced joints to $2,000 for new duct work.

Routine Maintenance Saves Money On AC Bills

We are able to save our customers money by performing routine maintenance. We’ll check the refrigerant, clean the coils and make sure all components are in place — for less than $100 a year. Most of the Texas air conditioning┬áproblems we see are related to low refrigerant levels, which causes the system to work too hard. This not only causes premature degradation of the system, but also drives up your cooling costs.

Sometimes Upgrading Is The Best Way To Save

In some situations, we’ve saved customers 30 percent off their energy bills by replacing old HVAC with a high-performance system. Prices generally start at $4,500 for a mid-level system with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER) of 15. You can, however, go all the way up to a SEER of 23, which would more than pay for itself in energy savings — but only if you planned to stay in the home for more than 5 years.

Heat-Load Calculations Matter

When our Cypress TX air conditioning contractors come to your home, we always conduct a heat-load calculation that looks at the house size, number of windows and other factors to determine the right size AC system for your home. Otherwise, you’d end up with a unit that is too small and therefore runs all the time or a unit that is too big and produces damp, humid air that has cooled too fast for optimal comfort.

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