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Trane Standard Efficiency Air Conditioners XB13 and XB14

Trane is without a doubt a leader in residential Air Conditioners with a long history of reliability and performance. There is a model designed for every application and cooling requirements with their collection being divided into three classifications including Standard Efficiency Air Conditioners XB13 and XB14, Super Efficiency Air Conditioners XL15i, and Ultra Efficiency Air Conditioners XL16i and XL20i which Air Depot reviewed in a previous post.

The Standard Efficiency Air Conditioners XB13 and XB14 are a great way to get a really great Cost / Efficiency combination with many of the quality features of their higher priced units. Some of the features include louvered panels and aluminum made outdoor coil, WeatherGuard fasteners, Climatuff compressor and a corrosive-resistant base pan backed by a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty on the outdoor coil and internal parts.

The graph here shows the general Cost / Efficiency comparison between the Trane XB13 and XB14 which as you can see both have a really beneficial ratio. A qualified Air Conditioning specialist like Air Depot can help you choose the perfect Heating and Cooling system for your home based on size and personal requirements.

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