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Thermostat Settings for the Heat of Summer

Summer heat usually means high energy bills, but you can beat the heat this year simply by adjusting your thermostat. Combined with a Katy air conditioning repair to get your HVAC system in tip-top shape, setting your thermostat to the ideal temperature can slash hundreds off your energy bills and help reduce the need for Katy AC repair.

When You’re at Home

Look, we get it. Sometimes we like cranking the air conditioner down to 70 or lower, but most people feel comfortable between 75 and 80 degrees. If you still find yourself sweating at 75, consider augmenting your AC with a fan — both ceiling and portable fans use less electricity and make the air feel several degrees cooler.

Other lifestyle choices can make a surprisingly large difference:

  • Put on loose, light clothing
  • Grill outdoors instead of cooking in the kitchen
  • Turn off electronics when not in use

When You’re at Work

When you are at work, keeping your home below 80 degrees is just throwing money away. That does not mean that you should simply turn your HVAC system off. Besides controlling the temperature, air conditioners also dehumidify the air while removing airborne dust and other particulates. Summer humidity levels can go as high as 93 percent in the Houston area, and leaving your AC off for long periods can promote mold growth. At best, mold will make your home smell musty, but at worst, it could pose a significant health risk to you and your family. A good compromise is to set your thermostat around 85 degrees. Your HVAC system will run part of the time without wasting energy and this will help to avoid a Katy air conditioning repair.

The US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 degrees while you’re home, and if you follow the above steps, you will find that 78 degrees is more than cool enough while relaxing at home in the evening.

The exception to this rule is when you go to sleep. When you are getting ready for bed, turning the thermostat down to 74 or even 72 can help you sleep more soundly. Because outdoor temperatures are lowest at night, cranking the air conditioner will have a minimal impact on your utility bill.

Is Your Thermostat Ready?

A programmable thermostat ensures that your home is always a comfortable temperature without requiring you to manually set the temperature several times per day. Most HVAC systems are already wired for programmable thermostats, so upgrading your unit will likely take just a few minutes during your next Katy AC repair service call.

Ready to save energy while staying cool? Check out our selection of Katy AC services by calling us at 281-477-3700 today.

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