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Safeguard Against Air Conditioner Theft in Cypress Tx

In a recent post we discussed the growing trend of Air Conditioner Theft as well as the copper wiring that supplies your Heating and Cooling equipment with power. This sign of the times is costing victims millions of dollars a year and often at their expense as all insurance contracts do not cover the full replacement costs. So what are some of the things you can do to deter thieves away from your Air Conditioning unit.

One way to give yourself some piece of mind may be to get an AC Alarm which offers an audible alert, can be used in multiple unit installations, and can even auto dial a designated phone number to alert the owner of a potential theft.

Another AC Unit theft deterrent is an Air Conditioning Cage that fully encompasses your external unit and of course requires a key to gain access. This type of obstacle is good in that it offers a visual clue that the owners are aware of the burglar and that this home or business may simply be too much trouble compared to those who have done no safeguarding at all.

Also the location of the AC unit can have an effect on a potential theft. If you have the option, have the equipment inside your back fence so it is not in plain sight. In addition having proper lighting around your house and motion detectors for those areas that are out of the way will offer additional obstacles for potential Air Conditioning thieves.

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