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Ruud Air Ultra Series Air Conditioners

The Ruud Ultra Series High Efficiency Two Stage Serial Communicating unit is an excellent choice for consumers who are primarily interested in a unit that will provide a high level of performance. Not only is it appropriate for single and multifamily dwellings, but it can also be used in light commercial applications.

This high-efficient system has a SEER rating as high as 19.5. The units contain the most advanced alternate refrigerant available today. They do not contain any chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), or any materials could leak out from the system and cause harm to the environment.

Other Benefits of Ruud Air Ultra Series Air Conditioners

The Ruud Ultra Series Air Conditioner series has over 32 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes to assist in detecting system and electrical problems. The unit also sends a “Call for Service” alert notification directly to the thermostat to let an owner know when a call to a licensed air conditioner contractor is needed.

Quiet operation is standard with this model. They come equipped with a Two-Stage compressor which provides a precise temperature control and an on-demand dehumidifier. It helps to control humidity in the home to provide a high level of comfort during operation.

Another benefit to choosing the Ultra Series is its low profile. At just 33 inches maximum height, it is less noticeable in a homeowner’s yard. This unit is easy to install and gives optimal access for maintenance when required.

The wrap-around cabinet is designed to effectively protect the coil from both hazards in the yard and extreme weather. It is powder painted for all weather protection, and the top grille is reinforced with steel for extra strength. To access all controls, simply remove a single service panel.

For more information about the Ruud Air Ultra Series Air Conditioner, contact Air Depot of Cypress Texas

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