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How to Replace a Thermostat

If you have gone through the steps involved to clean your thermostat and it is not calibrated properly, your next step is to replace it. When you decide to replace a thermostat, you need to make sure that the faulty one is being replaced with a new one that has the same voltage. It must also be compatible with your heating system.

Replace a Thermostat: Step by Step Instructions

1. Remove the old thermostat.

Take the faceplate off the old unit and locate the mounting screws. Remove them to release the thermostat from the wall. To remove the wires from the back of the old thermostat, turn the connection screws counterclockwise (to the left). Do not let the loose wires fall into the space between your walls.

2. Clean exposed wires and attach to new thermostat.

Scrape exposed wires with a utility knife until their ends shine. Attach the wires to the new thermostat. The new thermostat must have the same electrical rating as the one you are replacing.

3. Attach wires to replacement thermostat.

Once the wires are attached, push them back into the wall. Tape up the opening to prevent cold air from inside the walls from having an effect on the thermostat.

4. Next, install the mounting screws for the new thermostat into the wall. If the thermostat has a mercury tube, set the unit against a level during installation. This style of thermostat must be perfectly level to work properly.

5. Snap the faceplate into place. Make sure the thermostat turns the heating and cooling system on and off when you adjust the temperature setting on the unit.

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