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Optimizing Your HVAC System for Fluctuating Temperatures This Winter

With nighttime temperatures dipping below 50 degrees, it’s once again time to flip on your heater to stay warm, and that means higher utility bills. You can save money this winter by optimizing your HVAC system for fluctuating temperatures. Taking … Continue reading

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Winterizing Your Air Conditioning System

Preparing your air conditioning system for winter should take 20 to 30 minutes at most, and this quick and simple process will protect your equipment from potential damage caused by colder conditions. Winterizing your unit can help avoid extensive problems … Continue reading

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Solar HVAC Cooling for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Most people are aware of the power-generating benefits of solar power arrays. Solar thermal systems can provide water and space heating for homes and businesses in areas that get plenty of sun. Solar cooling systems, however, are relatively new to … Continue reading

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Why Your HVAC System Needs Spring AC Services Maintenance in the Fall

Summer is coming to a close, so that means it is time for one of your two yearly HVAC checkups. However, many homeowners forgo the fall service because they are not going to be running their air conditioners in the … Continue reading

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Residential AC Repair

Common Residential Air Conditioning System Mistakes

Air conditioners have made modern life in the South possible, and the overwhelming majority of homeowners have an AC system. If that is the case, why are we so bad at using them? From avoiding the need for Katy AC … Continue reading

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The MERV Rating of HVAC Filters for Better Air Quality in Your Home

Your central AC system processes a lot of air. A typical HVAC system can blow approximately 400 cubic feet of air every minute per ton of cooling capacity, so a modest 3-ton unit will blow up to 1,200 CFM. That’s … Continue reading

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Should You Have the Air Conditioning Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

Duct cleaning services advertise a lot. At first glance, they seem like a good thing to add to your annual maintenance checklist along with cleaning the gutters and inspecting window seals. However, the reality does not come close to the … Continue reading

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Residential AC Installation

Tips for Protecting Your Air Conditioner from Theft

A brand new split-system air conditioner costs thousands of dollars in Spring AC services for the equipment and installation, but thieves have been stripping them of parts for payouts as low as $10. Most of the time, thieves target outdoor … Continue reading

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Have Enough Attic Insulation for Comfort This Summer?

Your home’s exterior — the roof, walls, and foundation — are just as important to your comfort as your HVAC system. Most people think that they can just turn on the AC. While that is true to an extent, running … Continue reading

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Thermostat Settings for the Heat of Summer

Summer heat usually means high energy bills, but you can beat the heat this year simply by adjusting your thermostat. Combined with a Katy air conditioning repair to get your HVAC system in tip-top shape, setting your thermostat to the … Continue reading

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