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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Cooling Equally

Is your air conditioner having trouble keeping all the rooms in your home equally cool? The last thing you want to is walk through your home to find some areas that are comfortably cool, while others are warmer than you would like. This issue is not uncommon, even for newer systems, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to go to the expense of installing a zone control system to deal with this issue.

Air Conditioner and Cooling

Several factors come into play to determine how much cooling the various rooms in your home will need to stay comfortable when your HVAC system is running, such as:

  • Number and orientation of the windows
  • Whether the room is on the first or second floor
  • Activity level in the room
  • Length of duct leading to the room

Control Your Room Temperature

The simplest way to adjust the temperature in your room is to adjust the duct dampers. These are adjustable baffles located near the indoor blower unit inside the ducts leading to the rooms or groups of rooms in your home. If you close one, more cool air goes to the warmer rooms in your home.

Most duct systems have dampers. Check for a handle on the side of the duct. If it is lined up with the duct, the damper is wide open. Start by turning it 45 degrees (about halfway) in a room that is too cool. Make sure the other ones are fully open. You will need to change these settings when the weather cools down.

It will take about an hour for the room temperature to change. Check the rooms and readjust the dampers until you get them to a comfortable temperature. Don’t close more than half of your dampers, or you may cause too much airflow resistance for your air conditioner to run efficiently.

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