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Is Your AC Unit Safe from Theft?

Economic downturn and skyrocketing prices for scrap metal have made air conditioner theft a popular pastime for the criminal underworld. Residential, industrial and business owners have all become targets to depraved crooks in need of quick cash from the black market. From past trends, we know this type of theft only gets worse once summer arrives. So we have to ask the question, is your ac unit safe from theft and are there steps to protect what has become a growing trend.

A Growing AC Theft Epidemic:

Last week, thieves scaled three stories to steal six air conditioners from Houston’s 125-year-old St. Nicholas Catholic Church. They went through all that effort for only $200 worth of copper. Yet, now it will cost the church $30,000 to replace what they’ve lost and repair the damage.

This rash of burglaries is not just happening in Texas. It’s also been reported in California, Washington, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio — and just about everywhere you can imagine!

How To Protect Your AC Unit:

Having a central AC unit is your best bet because it is MUCH heavier and harder to steal than a small wall-mounted unit. Likely, one of your neighbors will see what’s going on and call the cops before the crooks can escape. However, there are extra precautions you can take:

  • Enclose your air conditioner with a protective cage like the ones from King Fab.
  • Install lighting on the air conditioner or a security alarm / monitoring device.
  • Plant hostile bushes around the AC unit to make it difficult to reach or move.
  • Fence off your central air conditioner, so it’s difficult to maneuver around the unit.

By taking a few extra precautions, you can make certain that thieves will pass over your house to find an easier target.

Need AC?

We don’t deal in the security of air conditioners in here at Air Depot. However, we can install a brand new unit or repair one that has been damaged through general wear-and-tear or an attempted robbery. Please call us for more information about our complete line of heating and cooling equipment.

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