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HVAC Technology Trends for 2017

The HVAC industry is likely to see a number of new developments in 2017 as well as the continuation of current trends in this technological field. Some of the most important changes involve the ways in which consumers and business owners access their heating and cooling systems and in the degree of control made possible by automated interfaces. Working with an established Cypress air conditioning services company can help property owners take advantage of these new technologies while saving money on utility bills throughout the year. Here are three HVAC trends to watch in 2017.

Integrated Systems

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, consumers and commercial property owners are demanding more from the HVAC systems they have installed and use. The ability to integrate heating and cooling functions with other home automation tasks and to control all of these key activities from a centralized interface is becoming a must-have feature for many home buyers. Wi-fi thermostats can link up seamlessly with other elements of the smart home to provide the greatest degree of control and convenience for the entire family.

Mobile Access

The ability to adjust temperatures to the desired settings from anywhere is another cutting-edge development that will continue to make an impact in 2017. Accessing home and office HVAC systems online or by using mobile phone applications can ensure optimal convenience for building managers, homeowners and other individuals responsible for indoor comfort in these areas. Companies that provide Cypress AC repair and replacement services can often set up remote access to these systems and to promote a more comfortable indoor environment during every season of the year.

Greener Climate Control

As more consumers look for ways to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, greener systems are in demand throughout our area. The Environmental Protection Agency has already begun the final phase-out of HFC refrigerants and has increased the SEER ratings required for new air conditioning systems from 13 to 14. These regulatory changes will provide added support for businesses and homeowners interested in reducing their use of fossil fuels while staying cool and comfortable this summer.

As a leader in Cypress AC services, Air Depot offers the most advanced heating and cooling systems on the market. We service what we sell and provide residential and commercial repair services for all makes and models of HVAC systems to ensure that our clients stay comfortable throughout the year. Call us today at 281-477-3700 to set up your appointment and to discover the difference 40 years of experience in the Houston HVAC industry can make for your home or business. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your Cypress air conditioning services needs.


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