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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Drain Lines Clean

Here in Houston we use our air conditioners more than most people do in cooler parts of the country so naturally we put more wear and tear on our cooling systems over the years. As you know we also have our fair share of humidity and as a result condensation is more of an problem as well. One issue that is very important to keep up with is the proper draining of fluids that accumulate in drain pans located underneath your system usually found in the attics of our homes.

Over months of condensation build up and coupled with the sediment and dust that are present in and around the air handlers, the drain lines and drip pans often become slimy leading to clogs in the drainage lines. These clogs are especially important to pay attention to as serious blockage or slow down of water flow can lead to a backup which could eventually lead to an overflow into your home.

While a trained Air Conditioning Expert like Air Depot of Houston can easily handle the cleaning and servicing of all drip pans and drain lines, it may be a simple process to add some piece of mind in the summer months where heavy a/c use and condensation are at their peak. I do suggest letting the professionals do what they do best, and their remedy often includes blowing out the lines with high pressure to completely free up the lines from any blockages.

One thing you can do yourself is to flush the drain lines out with a solution of equal parts of bleach and warm water. As you know, bleach is very effective in dissolving dirt and grime that are usually the culprits in clogged air conditioning drain lines and it is readily available at the grocery or hardware store. This should be done once every 6 months to ensure a clean system.

Another way to keep moisture flowing is with condensation tablets. These versatile tablets contain a highly effective disinfectant and have been developed to control slime forming bacteria, sludge and other biological growths in air conditioning condensate pans and ducted a/c systems. These may be available at the hardware store or online and there are a variety of them to choose from.

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