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How Heat Pumps Cool and Warm Your Home

When it comes to the heating and cooling systems available for residential use these days there are many options and it is important to make sure you get the right system for your home. One system that has gained popularity over the past few years is quite unique but most people do not understand how Heat Pumps Cool and Warm your home.

As the name suggests, Heat Pumps move heat from one place to another and are able to perform both the heating and cooling of your home in the summer and winter months by simply collecting heat from one place and moving it to another.

So basically the Heat Pump works by taking the heated air from the outside environment in the winter and transfers it to inside of your home, and the warm air from the inside and moves it outside in the summer months. This part may sounds confusing as there is a seemingly short supply of warm air outside in the winter time but in all air except extremely cold air resides some heat.

The system is an efficient unit when it comes to extracting even the smallest amount of heat from the air and collecting it and using it to warm interior spaces. In the same way it collects the warm air inside and extracts it in the summer time cooling your home as a result. There are some heat pumps that actually supplement the heat that is collected for areas that are colder and require a dramatic temperature increase for a comfortable environment.

A Heat Pump does work in conjunction with some standard elements you would find in a conventional air conditioning and heating systems like an Air Handler and you should really check with a qualified Air Conditioner Contractor in your area to make sure this type of system provides not only the best results for your environment but your energy bill as well.

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