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Hisense Announces World’s First Smart Air Conditioner

Electronics manufacturer Hisense has recently announced that it has developed the world’s first smart air conditioner. The new product will be connected to the Internet and will be activated using a Sina Weibo account. Users will send private messages over Weibo to control the unit’s temperature and humidity. The air conditioner will be connected to the Internet via powerline.

Hisense has not provided any details about the name of the product, pricing or availability yet. For the time being, consumers who want to control their air conditioners will need to rely on a programmable thermostat.

Smart Air Conditioner Technology: Programmable Thermostat

Use a programmable thermostat to adjust the time you turn on your air conditioner. You can use it to store and repeat your daily settings.

Set your central air conditioning so that your home is warmer than usual while you are at work. You can set the timer so that it is 78 degrees when you are at home and need to keep your home cool. This strategy will help to keep your energy costs down, since you are not paying to cool your home at times when the house is not occupied. (You can adjust the thermostat manually if you wish.)

When you are considering schedules for your programmable thermostat, it makes sense to set the temperature higher during times when the house will be unoccupied for at least four hours or more. Be sure to take all family members’ schedules into consideration before you program your thermostat so that everyone can stay comfortable.

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