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Reduce Air Conditioning and Heating Loss with Weather Stripping

There are many helpful tips that may give you some insight to reduce your energy bill, but one that just about all of us could benefit from is properly weather stripping our doors and windows. As our air conditioners and heaters produce the cool and warm air we need to maintain the correct temperatures in our homes, much of it is lost to the spaces between door and window frames. A lack of proper insulation will inevitably lead to higher power bills as we continuously lose the conditioned air to the outside environment not to mention the cold and hot air that will enter your home. Not only will you save money on your bill, you may relieve some unnecessary work load from your air conditioner and heating units that will run less over the years.

There are many types of insulators out there including wood, rubber, metal, closed cell foam, felt, and vinyl and these can easily be purchased from your local hardware store. As for the installation, some are easier to install than others and you want to make sure you get the correct type for each area of concern. The adhesive foam type is the easiest type to install and costs very little but you want to make sure it is used in areas that are being compressed like door and window jambs. Other types of weather stripping such as felt and open cell foam are also inexpensive but may be susceptible to weather while the vinyl types are a little more costly but much more resilient to moisture.

To make sure you protect your home from heating and cooling loss, you should consider consulting a professional that will be able to properly assess the situation and help you get the best from your heating and cooling system.

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