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Health Benefits of a Clean Air Conditioning and Heating System

It is estimated that 70 percent of all households have at least one person with Asthma, Bronchitis, or Allergies that can be affected by the quality of air that person breathes. We have already discussed the positive benefits that today’s more efficient air filters can offer and their ability to trap and filter even the smallest particles that were not filtered in recent times.

Air Filters are of course one vital element to ensuring a healthy interior environment and the simplest way to filter the growing amount of impurities out of our homes and businesses without any major costs or modifications. But what can we say about the Clean Air Conditioning Ducts that often go overlooked and can be a literal haven for germs and allergens that end up staying within our heating and cooling systems for years.

In essence your heating and cooling system is like the lungs of your home breathing fresh conditioned air into all of the rooms. The system then pulls the air from the rooms of your home through the return duct work, and then the air passes through the filter before reaching the air handler or furnace where it is heated or cooled depending on the season. Once the air is heated or cooled, it is blown through the supply duct work and back into your home to complete the circulation. Although the air is filtered, some contaminates remain in the ducts where all of the air eventually passes.

Here are the parts of your Heating and Cooling System that need regular cleaning to ensure proper and efficient operation as well as a healthy living environment. See your factory trained Air Conditioning and Heating specialist for proper cleaning at least once a year and you will see the benefits in the air you breathe.

• Return Air Ducts
• Filters
• Blower
• Heat Exchanger
• Cooling Coils
• Supply Duct Work

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