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ERVs, HRVs and Tight Home Ventilation Systems

Near-airtight homes and buildings are becoming more popular throughout our area thanks to the high degree of energy efficiency possible with these modern designs. Often referred to as tight homes, these houses are designed to prevent air from escaping through cracks and gaps and to eliminate the unintended movement of outdoor air into the building. Air handling systems are required to ensure adequate circulation in residential and commercial buildings. Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are among the most commonly used air handling systems for tight houses and buildings. Working with an established Cypress AC repair and replacement company can provide you with expert guidance on the right system for your ventilation needs.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Any qualified Cypress AC replacement professional will tell you that HRV systems are designed specifically to draw in fresh air to tight homes while eliminating stale air. During the transfer process, heat passes from the outgoing air to the air that replaces it, allowing greater conservation of heat during the winter months. In summer, the process can be reversed to reduce the amount of cooling needed for tight homes and buildings. By reducing the loss of heating or cooling, HRVs can sometimes lower utility costs while ensuring a steady supply of fresh, clean air inside these residences and commercial properties.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

ERVs offer the same benefits as HRV systems. However, these advanced ventilation solutions also allow for the equalization of humidity between incoming and outgoing air streams. This can reduce the amount of humidity introduced into the home by transferring it to the stale air on its way out of the building. By lowering the humidity content of incoming air, ERV systems can create a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment inside tight homes.

Choosing Between an ERV and an HRV

ERVs typically cost somewhat more than comparable HRVs because of their added functionality. For hot and sultry climates, an ERV can provide some relief from indoor humidity levels during operation. Severe humidity inside your home, however, should be resolved by a dehumidifier that can address the issue directly. Consulting with a Cypress air conditioning replacement company can provide you with the professional help needed to make the right choice between an ERV or HRV for your budget and your property.

Air Depot is an established Cypress AC repair and replacement company with experience in ERV and HRV systems. We can provide you with accurate advice regarding these ventilation solutions and can help you enjoy absolute comfort inside your home during every season of the year. Call us today at 281-477-3700. We look forward to serving all your heating and cooling needs.


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