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Do I Really Need a Furnace Inspection Every Year

Homeowners often wonder: “Is it really necessary to get a furnace inspection every year?” They also wonder: “What exactly do HVAC guys actually do that I can’t do myself?” With economic worries looming over many households, they wonder if they are really saving money in the long run by paying $80-$100 for the maintenance today.

Are Furnace Inspections Really Needed

Every furnace manufacturer recommends having an annual inspection done by a qualified technician. Most warranties explicitly state that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. Think of it how you think of a visit to the dentist. It may not be required that  you go every 6 months, but it sure prevents expensive and painful cavities! Some contractors say a brand new furnace only needs checking every other year if you are diligent about changing the filter every month, but units over 10 years old most certainly need annual check-ups.

What Do HVAC Technicians Actually Do?

There are many different types of tune-ups in Houston. You can’t expect the same caliber of service from a $20 Groupon, as you would get with a $200 tune-up. So when you call a Cypress TX furnace company, be sure to ask for a list of the standard elements they check on a maintenance call. Here are some of the basics:

  • Check the vent system for leaks or blockages
  • Analyze the combustion gases, with regard to unit specifications
  • Ensure a tight seal at the blower access door
  • Unblock fresh air intake grills
  • Inspect heat exchanger for rust
  • Check burners for proper ignition and flame
  • Unblock drainage system
  • Clean condensate drain trap
  • Clear debris from blower wheel
  • Conduct an amp-draw test on the blower motor to check for performance
  • Ensure there is no corrosion to the wiring
  • Change filter
  • Look at the wall unit to ensure functionality

Could A Homeowner Inspect A Houston Furnace?

Most homeowners do not have the basic knowledge of working parts to complete a furnace inspection on their own. If you had a Heating and Cooling  guy come with a vacuum cleaner and suck some dust out of your vents, then sure — you could do that! But if an HVAC technician does even half the things we’ve mentioned, then he’s completely worth it. Before hiring, be sure you know what is or isn’t included. Don’t accept vague promises. Get a checklist.

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