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Cypress Texas HVAC: Heat Pump Contractors

Furnaces and air conditioners aren’t for everyone. Climates with moderate heating and cooling needs can find much greater energy efficiency with a heat pump. This type of system works by moving hot air rather than generating it. The pumps we install will typically deliver up to 4 times’ the amount of energy they consume.

Types Of Heat Pumps

  • Air-Source Heat Pumps: Transfer heat between the interior and exterior of the home, saving you 30-40% off your heating bill. Enjoy air that is free from humidity too!
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: Transfer heat between your home and a nearby water source. Home owners like this type of system because the operating costs are low, the performance is high-quality and the federal government helps subsidize the cost.

Advanced Heat Pump Features

  • Variable speed motors – keeps air moving comfortably, reduces drafts and minimizes noise
  • Tw0-speed compression – reduces compressor wear and produces the perfect amount of heat as needed
  • Desuperheater – heats water 2-3x more efficiently than an ordinary electric water heater
  • Zone control systems – allows for more flexibility in choosing which rooms get heated
  • Scroll compressors – for higher cooling capacity, better energy efficiency, quieter running & longer lifespan
  • Back-up burners – reduces electricity and delivers more comfortable air

Why Air Depot of Cypress Texas?

Our family-owned and operated company delivers over 35 years of HVAC installation, maintenance and repairs. All our technicians arrive to your doorsteps after receiving full background checks, substance abuse screening, training, certification, licensing and insurance. We install products from the industry’s best manufacturer, Bryant, to give you a long-lasting product that saves energy, money and hassle.

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