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Air Conditioning and Heating Units Need Scheduled Maintenance

Often we take our AC and Heating systems for granted and wait for something to go wrong before we call for help. However, when it comes to Air Conditioner and Heating systems, they need planned maintenance to ensure all is working properly and to keep your power bills to a minimum. Most Air Conditioning companies offer Scheduled Maintenance service agreements to take care of these issues which in the long run may even extent the life of your equipment and possibly even pay for themselves over the years.

A comprehensive inspection of your Heating and Cooling systems will cater to the specific need of your Heater in the Fall and your AC in the Spring with the focus of getting them ready for the months of work they will be required to do to keep your home or business comfortable all year long. Here in Texas, we have long hot summers and the need for a comprehensive maintenance agreement is especially important to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity for your equipment.

Air Depot Air Conditioning and Heating’s Energy Savings Plan covers all of the critical components of your system in three annual visits including a Cooling Tune Up in May, a Heating Light Up and Safety Inspection in October, and an Annual Cleaning and Maintenance in February. Since 1977 their factory trained technicians have extended the life of their customers cooling and heating systems and helped lower power and gas bills in the process. See the full list of the individual points and coverages included in the agreement here.

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