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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the Right Air Conditioner and maximizing your cooling potential it is very important to get the correct size system for the area you want to cool. A unit that is to large will not remove the humidity completely and one that is too small will not cool the area effectively. While there are other factors that determine the efficiency of your air conditioner, one rating to pay attention to is the SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. The SEER rating indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output.

With the rising costs of energy including both natural gas and electricity it is more important than ever to replace inefficient systems with higher rated units which may even pay for themselves in the long run. To ensure consumers move towards these more efficient systems new standards that manufacturers must adhere to went into effect on January 26, 2006. New air conditioning equipment production past that date was made to include a mandatory rating of 13. Compared to past units that were rated as low as 6, these new cooling units can make a substantial difference in your monthly power bill.

So what can we do as consumers to ensure we are making the right choices when we replace old air conditioning systems or build a new home from scratch. It is very important to look for the ENERGY STARĀ® rating and to consult with a qualified licensed air conditioning specialist to make sure you get the right unit for your square footage. A good contractor will also offer insight as to proper unit location, correct duct installation, and choosing the right thermostats among other things that will help the overall efficiency of your ac unit.

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