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How you Can Help your Air Conditioner Work Better

Summer is here and the last thing you want is to run into problems with your Houston air conditioner. Keep in mind that the air conditioner doesn’t actually create cooler air. They do a very good job of pulling the heat away from the air inside your house, though, to make you and your family feel more comfortable during warmer months. Here are some suggestions to your air conditioner work better and keep it running well this summer.

Tips to Help Your Air Conditioner Work Better

Set Your Thermostat Level, and Forget It

Once you set your thermostat on your air conditioner, leave them at the same level. Do not set them low, thinking this will cool your home faster. This strategy will not work. The low setting means your air conditioner will stay on longer until it reaches the temperature you have selected and you will use more energy to reach that point.

A better choice is to set the thermostat to a higher setting that you feel comfortable with (perhaps the low 70s) and leave it there. This strategy will reduce strain on your system and save energy.

Change your Air Filter Regularly

The air conditioner filter blocks particles that enter through the return air vent from getting into the air conditioner cabinet. After about a month, the air filter will become clogged with dirt, lint, dust, furniture and carpet fibers. Unless you replace it with a fresh filter, the airflow to your air conditioner will be choked off and the unit will work less efficiently. Keep changing your air filter every month to help keep your air conditioner working in peak condition.

Schedule a Maintenance Inspection

If you didn’t have your Houston air conditioner inspected by a maintenance technician, it’s not too late to get a tune-up now. Give Air Depot a call at 281-477-3700 to book your appointment to help your air conditioner work better this summer. Our technicians will inspect your unit and perform tests to make sure it is running at peak efficiency. Contact us today!

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