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How to Camouflage Your Thermostat

If the thermostat of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is installed in the center of a main wall in your Houston, Texas, home, you may feel that it clashes with your decor. There is a reason why a Spring air conditioning repair and installation contractor placed it in this location. Thermostats must be able to sense the indoor temperature of a room so that the HVAC unit can regulate temperatures effectively. However, if this device is too much of an eyesore in an otherwise visually pleasant space, there are ways to disguise it.

Hide It in Plain Sight

One of the best ways to camouflage a thermostat is to hang artwork, mirrors or photographs on the wall around it, making it part of an artwork collage. To be more creative, use frames of different sizes in the same geometric shape as the thermostat to fool the eye. If the thermostat is round, frame photos, mirrors or art in round frames. If the thermostat is rectangular, use an assortment of square and rectangular sizes.

Decorate It

Find a decorative frame and place it around the thermostat. Choose a frame that complements your décor. If you have minimalist décor, a shiny wooden frame or sleek stainless steel frame will blend in. If your décor is classic, try a frame with ornamentation. The eye is drawn to the beauty of the frame instead of the thermostat.

Cover It Up

There are several clever ways to cover up a thermostat. Install bookshelves on the wall above and below the device. Put knickknacks on the shelves in front of the thermostat. Candlesticks, a framed photograph, attractive ceramic jars or other trinkets can be used to hide the thermostat.

Mount a piece of art on a wooden box frame. Screw the frame to the wall so that it opens and shuts over the thermostat.

Camouflage It with Plants

Houseplants always add to the decor of a room. Use tall potted plants to camouflage the thermostat. Alternatively, suspend plants from the wall or ceiling, positioning them so that they hide the device.

Ask a Katy Air Conditioning Repair Professional for Help

The Katy and Spring air conditioning repair technicians at Air Depot are factory-trained, NATE-certified professionals. We enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems. Our Katy AC repair technicians are able to think outside the box to provide unique solutions to indoor comfort problems.

Our Spring and Katy air conditioning repair team can make sure that the way you cover or disguise your thermostat leaves enough room around the device for air to flow. If the airflow around the thermostat is blocked, it will not read indoor temperatures accurately. This will reduce the efficiency of the system. If your thermostat is older, our Spring air conditioning repair professionals may recommend replacing it with a smart thermostat to save energy and money.

For more information about thermostats and energy efficiency, call the experts at Air Depot at 281-477-3700.


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