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Bryant Indoor Air Quality Products Make your Home Cleaner and Healthier

The indoor air quality of your home matters, and now that you will be spending more time inside your house you’ll want to make sure that it is as clean as possible. If you or someone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies to dust, pet dander or other irritants, you’ll want to be especially vigilant about keeping your home clean. Bryant indoor air quality products can help to protect your family from the effects of invisible irritants such as mold, bacteria, viruses and pollen, as well as the irritants mentioned previously.

The product line includes air cleaners to bring better air into your home and air purifiers to eliminate up to 99 percent of the pollutants in your indoor environment. Ultraviolet UV lights reduce mold and bacterial growth on your system’s internal coil and ventilators are used to bring fresh air into your interior space.

Bryant Indoor Air Quality Products

  • Air Cleaners

Bryant’s line of air cleaners patented Captures and Kills ™ technology work silently to protect you and your family from viruses such as the common cold, influenza and Streptococcus.

  • Air Purifiers

Air purifiers also has the patented Captures and Kills ™ technology and can clean up to 100 times more air than a portable unit. Indoor air is re-purified up to eight times per hour. These units kill or inactivate up to 99 percent of germs, mold and pollen captured, as well as protects your equipment.

  • Ultraviolet UV Lights

Bryant’s UV lamp attacks and eliminates bacteria and mold that can accumulate in moist heating and cooling systems. From there, particles can circulate throughout your home. Installing one makes your home more comfortable and improves the interior air quality to make the environment a healthier one for family and friends.

  • Ventilators

Would you like to be able to bring fresh air into your home without having to open the windows? A Bryant Upflow Energy Recovery Ventilator helps to transfer indoor heating or cooling energy to the incoming air so that you can get fresh air at any time. It’s a much better solution for your family than opening a window and watching your energy dollars fly right out!

To find out more about Bryant indoor air quality products or find out more about our air conditioning and heating service, contact Air Depot at 281-477-3700.

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