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Balancing Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

Katy AC RepairAs summer approaches, Houston residents are preparing their heating, ventilation and air conditioning units to deal with heat and humidity. Feeling hot and cold spots in the living space is a common problem. If you experience uneven airflow, call a licensed Katy AC repair and maintenance contractor to balance your HVAC system. The experts at Air Depot Air Conditioning and Heating can balance your system to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Air Balancing Defined

Air balancing adjusts the air flowing through the HVAC system. A trained HVAC contractor tests airflow to ensure that the correct amount of air reaches each room. Improper airflow reduces the unit’s efficiency and the comfort of the occupants.

Airflow is affected by static pressure, or the ability of the unit to force air through ducts. If coils are dirty or ducts leak or are blocked, pressure is affected. Professionals use specialized equipment to test pressure and airflow. There are ways to correct low airflow and optimize the efficiency of your unit.

Correcting Uneven Airflow

A Katy AC repair technician can speak with you about how your HVAC system performs. They also can run diagnostic tests to analyze static pressure and air volume in each room. After thoroughly evaluating the problem, the technician will recommend ways to correct it. Approaching the issue this way avoids costly Katy air conditioning repair bills.

Some low-cost ways to even temperatures include:

  • Cleaning the HVAC filter
  • Ensuring duct registers are not blocked
  • Inspecting ducts for leaks
  • Having a maintenance checkup
  • Adjusting thermostat settings

Preventive maintenance examines each component of an HVAC system, including ducts, filters, thermostats, blowers and coils. Air must flow freely over coils for proper heat exchange. If coils are dirty, compressors must work harder to produce cool air.

Katy AC repair companies usually recommend repairing leaking ducts. Leaking ducts allow as much as 30 percent of conditioned air to escape. Sealing ducts improves both energy efficiency and comfort. If these simple measures do not correct the problem, other solutions include adjusting blower speeds, installing additional return ducts or adding an additional air handler to distribute air.

Air Depot has served communities in the greater Houston area, including Spring, Katy and The Woodlands, for almost 50 years. If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your living space, call the experts at Air Depot for Spring AC repair and maintenance. Our NATE-certified technicians have the expertise to solve a wide range of heating and cooling problems that work with your budget and indoor comfort needs. For more information about air balancing, call us at 281-477-3700. If you have an emergency, we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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