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Air Diffusers offer Enhanced Air Conditioning Distribution

There is one part of a complete HVAC –Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning system that I bet few of us ever think about when we upgrade of have our current cooling systems serviced. The end of the line for the conditioned air is its passing out of the air vent into the room it is intended to heat or cool.

Many of the air vents we see in homes and businesses are simply that, a vent that can be opened or closed to increase or decrease the amount of air entering a particular room. Diffusers however are used on both all-air and air-water HVAC systems, as part of room air distribution subsystems, and serve several purposes that can help allow your cooling system to performance at its peak. The job of Air Diffusers includes the following:

• To deliver both conditioning and ventilating air to living and work areas.
• Evenly distribute the flow of air, in the desired directions so one area doesn’t receive more than other parts of the room.
• To enhance mixing of room air into the primary air being discharged.
• Often to cause the air jet(s) to attach to a ceiling or other surface, taking advantage of the Coandă effect.
• To create low velocity air movement in the occupied portion of the room which is allowed by a larger opening than a typical air vent may have. This also allows for noise reduction thanks to the multiple direction of air flow.

There are several designs of Air Diffusers on the market for commercial and residential use and it just may be time to change out the old air vents out or to include them in your plans if you are building from scratch. Today there are circular, linear, and curved Diffusers to enhance your room visually and make the best fit for specific room sizes and shapes. For the best results, contact your trusted Air Conditioning and Heating professional and explore the options available.

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