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3 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Buy a Central Air Conditioning System

Summer is over and the Holiday Season has not yet begun. If you know that your existing Cypress air conditioner had a hard time meeting the demands of your household through the summer and it’s time to buy a new system, fall is the perfect time to buy a central air conditioning system. Here are some reasons to consider:

Reasons to Buy a Central Air Conditioning System in the Fall

1. Pricing is Better at this Time of Year

Demand for air conditioners drop at the end of the summer, and the pricing does the same. If you wait until June or July to replace your unit, you’ll end up paying top dollar for the privilege.

2. Easier to Make an Appointment

Heating and air conditioning contractors get busy with appointments during the summer and winter months dealing with service calls for emergencies. If you schedule your air conditioner installation during the fall, you’ll have an easier time making an appointment at a convenient time.

3. Moderate Weather Makes for Easier Installation

If you are having work done on your home, having it done during when temperatures are relatively mild makes for a more pleasant process for you and the air conditioning contractor.

Make Sure New Air Conditioner System is Energy Efficient

When making plans for a new air conditioner system, make sure you choose an Energy Star Certified product. Your air conditioning contractor should follow these guidelines when installing your system:

Make Sure it is the Correct Size: If it’s too small, it will waste energy. A system that is too big will cycle on and off often and wear out prematurely. Before installing a new  system, the contractor should ensure you have the right size for your home’s square footage.
Seal the Duct work: Leaky duct work is a source of energy loss in the home. If the air is getting out in this way, it won’t reach your rooms to cool them. Your contractor should locate any leaks and repair them, then test the airflow to confirm that the leaks have been repaired.
Make Sure Refrigerant Charge is Correct: If refrigerant charge is not correct, it wastes energy and can damage unit over time. The contractor should make sure the charge is neither too low nor too high.

Contact Air Depot to discuss your new central air conditioning system. We are your local experts, and have been serving the Cypress area since 1977.

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