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Houston it’s Time for an Air Conditioning Tune Up from Air Depot

Its Spring time and temperatures are already on the rise and soon the 100 plus degree days we Houstonians will live with for the next six months will require a well running Air Conditioner. Like our cars, we need to keep scheduled maintenance as a top priority to ensure all is in working order and to save the energy an inefficient Cooling system can waste not to mention the uncomfortable temperatures our home will rise to.

The Energy Savings Plan (ESP) offered by Air Depot has your Air Conditioning and Heating system fully covered all year long and includes their Cooling Tune Up in May which focuses on the important issues that are known to be a problem. In addition to the May Cooling Tune Up, there is a Heating Light Up and Inspection in October and an Annual Cleaning and Maintenance in February. The May Cooling Tune Up covers the following points and is sure to have your Cooling System running in top condition this summer.

1. Check air filters and clean
2. Check for adequate refrigerant charge
3. Check voltage
4. Check condensate drain
5. Inspect compressor contacts
6. Check thermostat
7. Check capacitors
8. Check relays
9. Check vibration and noise
10. Check running and starting amperage

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