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Cooling and Heating Real Estate Inspections

Now offering real estate cooling and heating inspections.

Real Estate Inspection of  Cooling covers:

  1. Check refrigerent levels for proper charge
  2. Check cleanliness of evaporator and condenser coils
  3. Check all electrical connections
  4. Check breaker or fuse for proper size
  5. Check drain lines for cleanliness and leaks
  6. Check temperature of air entering and leaving for proper temperature difference
  7. Check air filters
  8. Check for excessive air leaks
  9. Check for unusual noise or vibration
  10. Provide a written report

Real Estate Inspection of Heating covers:

  1. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or pin holes
  2. Check flue pipe for proper venting
  3. Check flame and burners
  4. Check access and platform for code compliance
  5. Check gas line connector for code compliance
  6. Check temperature rise through furnace for proper airflow
  7. Check fan and limit control
  8. Check thermostat for calibration
  9. Check air filters
  10. Provide a witten report

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